Bulk SMS Services in Kenya

Bulk SMS is a single SMS sent to many recipients who all receive the same message. We offer a Powerful Bulk SMS Service for Kenya allowing you to Send Up To 100,000 messages at once, Delivered within 5 minutes. Bulk SMS Sender ID enables you to brand SMSes going out with your company name to any mobile phone subscriber in Kenya.

Personalized Bulk SMS across Kenya

With Personalized Bulk SMS, a single SMS Template with variable fields is used to generate unique Bulk SMS messages. Variable fields are populated from row values of corresponding column name of an Excel File. Many unique messages can be Generated and Sent to the corresponding Phone Numbers indicated in the Phone Number column of the Excel file.

BUlk SMS Scheduling in Kenya

Schedule your Bulk SMS for sending, so that you don't always have to be at your computer to send them Reduce your work, by creating a messaging plan and sending out Bulk SMS in advance. No worries about forgetting time sensitive messages like birthdays, policy renewal reminders and meetings by scheduling Bulk SMS reminders ahead of time.

Bulk SMS Attachments in Kenya

Attach Files, for instance as Images, PDFs, Word Documents, Videos and ZIP Files to your Bulk SMS and send emails alongside your sms messages Share Files such as Account Statements, Product Brochures and the like with your message recipients. Increase the Impact of your Bulk SMS the content of your message content.

Bulk SMS Replies in Kenya

You can enable and read replies when sending Bulk SMS and you need to receive replies. You can receive replies either through an SMS Shortcode or by a Click to Reply link inserted in the Bulk SMS. When it is essential that you receive replies to your Bulk SMS, enable replies and get feedback from your recipients with the aid of the Quantum Kenya tools and services that we provide

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